Our story

Animal plasma is processed to produce natural flavourings and proteins, which are essential for the production process in the meat industry. The necessary expertise in this sector has been skilfully developed in the Netherlands since the early 1950s. Dutch co-operative Harimex sought out the raw material in Italy, particularly in the north of the country, where cattle and pig breeding has always flourished. In 1994, it found its ideal partner in Far Pro, an Italian company with which it formed a close partnership to become what is now known as Haripro.

Experts in the
food ingredients sector

Haripro is a European benchmark for food ingredients for the meat processing industry. It is the only company in Italy and one of the few in Europe to produce and market plasma proteins, flavourings, dyes and natural meat proteins.

Raw material for Haripro animal protein production is collected daily in abattoirs authorised by the Italian Ministry of Health. The process must necessarily follow a strict schedule to ensure that the finished products meet the highest quality standards. This requires speed, timing and precision, all qualities that Haripro has always prioritised in its daily work.


Animal blood is collected via facilities and installations in abattoirs in the surrounding area. It then has to be approved as sanitary and suitable “for human use” by checking for the presence of certain key characteristics. On this basis, processing begins at the plant.

The raw material is broken down through specific processes, isolating haemoglobin from animal plasma. These fractions are then processed into meal, Haripro’s final product, which is resold to food companies.


The species from which the blood is taken determines the final use of the resulting proteins and natural flavourings. Porcine blood, for example, is not a raw material from which protein meal can be produced and marketed in Muslim countries. Conversely, the end product resulting from the processing of bovine blood can no longer be used in the livestock feed sector. This is to avoid any potential legal issues.

Every product manufactured by Haripro is produced with the highest quality standards and is subject to numerous official health checks. Purchasing companies then mix the animal proteins with other ingredients to form a final product ready for consumers to enjoy.


While Haripro’s finished products are mainly used for producing cooked sausages, such as frankfurters, cooked ham and cooked meat products in general, they have more than just one use. As well as being natural flavour enhancers and providing protein for human foodstuffs, they also play an important role in the pet and livestock feed industry.

They are ideal for the pet food industry since they are a key ingredient in the composition of wet food for dogs and cats. It is also extremely important to include the correct amount of protein in these products, since pets are carnivores and predators by nature.

Haripro animal proteins can also be used as a raw material in feed for livestock (chickens, pigs, fish, etc.), completing the composition. To cover the animal’s nutritional needs it is necessary to ensure an adequate protein base in the daily ration, especially in the raising and growth stages. Supplementing with Haripro protein concentrates has the benefit of providing highly digestible and easily assimilated proteins and amino acids.