Only premium-quality products

Haripro natural flavourings and plasma proteins for food use are the end product of processing raw materials of porcine and bovine origin. All work processes required to produce Haripro’s natural proteins are continuously monitored by experienced and qualified staff. Our goal is to guarantee our customers and end users a complete, controlled product, both in terms of quality and food safety.

The raw material used is rigorously selected, collected and subjected to strict quality controls within a very short time frame to prevent its properties from deteriorating. It is then processed by Haripro into final products using the most advanced technology, in accordance with excellent quality standards and in compliance with applicable laws on the production of food for human use.

Haripro’s natural flavourings and protein meal have the advantage of improving the quality of food intended for human use. They significantly enhance flavour thanks to their excellent flavouring properties and high functional protein content. The latter is important for improving the nutritional and energy value of food products. Due to their function as an effective natural flavouring, they have been successfully used by customers in the food and pet food industry for years.

Haripro is also the sole distributor of the products of its Dutch subsidiary Sonac in Italy. Finished products made from a wide variety of different raw materials include:

– food-grade chicken and turkey protein,
– functional and non-functional gelatines (e.g. GEL 5),
– protein boosters of bovine and porcine origin,
– food dyes,
– technological improvers.

All the products, together with plasma proteins and hydrolysed proteins, are important for applications on burgers, frankfurters, cooked ham, nuggets and cooked meat preparations in general.