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Haripro products of porcine origin

A whole range of products and meal are made from porcine blood to improve the energy and nutritional value of many food products. The characteristics of porcine blood make it suitable for producing these proteins and natural flavourings.

Our products

Haemoglobin spray is a protein obtained from porcine blood through work cycles that comply with the strictest hygiene standards. It is a dark red colour and is extremely soluble, which makes it an excellent dye for the meat industry. Haemoglobin spray can also be used as a raw material in animal feed for livestock (chickens, pigs, fish, etc.), completing the composition. To cover the animal’s nutritional needs it is necessary to ensure an adequate protein base in the daily ration, especially in the raising and growth stages. Supplementing with Haripro protein concentrates has the benefit of providing highly digestible and easily assimilated proteins and amino acids.

Plasma proteins (70%) of porcine origin are obtained by observing the strictest hygiene standards, in compliance with applicable food production laws. Haripro plasma proteins have a high immunoglobulin (Ig) content and an ideal amino acid composition. They are also readily soluble in water, making them perfect for many uses.

Plasma proteins (80%) of porcine origin are produced in compliance with the legal hygiene standards for the processing of products for food use. They possess many functional properties such as a high immunoglobulin (Ig) content and a perfect amino acid composition, as well as being easily soluble in water.

In the corpuscular stage of the blood (liquid haemoglobin), a process is carried out to extract GLOBOOST 90 P protein powder. The hydrolysis process produces the correct ratio of low molecular weight to absence of hydroxyproline, resulting in a white high-protein powder that is ideal for use as a natural flavouring.

Il cicciolo di suino extrafine è ottenuto secondo criteri igienici controllati e approvati dal Servizio Veterinario. Di colore crema/marrone, è utilizzato per incrementare il contenuto proteico dei prodotti carnei emulsionati e per le sue proprietà gelificanti.

Extra-fine pork greaves are obtained according to hygiene criteria controlled and approved by the Italian Veterinary Service. Cream/brown in colour, they are used to increase the protein content of emulsified meat products and for their gelling properties.