Leader in the food ingredient industry

Haripro produces proteins and natural flavorings from plasma processing

Haripro, European leader in food ingredients for the meat curing industry, produces and sells plasma proteins, flavorings, colorants and natural meat proteins.

Haripro closely monitors all processing phases, from raw material collection in specific proprietary facilities checked daily by its staff to guarantee top raw material quality, all the way to the company gates.
Before processing, Haripro accurately checks the quality of its raw material again.

Thanks to the fully automated modern technology, Haripro guarantees top quality standards and NO environmental impact.

Haripro carries out qualitative and microbiological assays on every production batch. Thanks to its team, it is always in the forefront to research and develop new products and solutions and meet market demands.

Certified company
ISO 22000
Certified company
ISO 14001
Certified company
OHSAS 18001