Haripro is synonym with quality

in the animal protein and natural flavor production industry

Haripro products are suitable to meet different specifications, for customers who need to naturally increase the richness of their food, while ensuring high protein content.

Haripro products improve the quality of foods for human consumption, while sensibly improving productivity with outstanding favoring properties and high functional protein content. Indeed, the latter are extracted from animal blood processing and are
precious to improve the nutritional and energy value of food products; moreover, besides they are also an effective natural flavoring used to increase the energy properties and taste of food.

Haripro food-grade plasma proteins and natural flavorings are the result of processes applied to accurately selected, collected, harvested bovine and swine blood undergoing strict controls and processed using state-of-the-art technology. All the above takes
place in compliance with the highest quality standards and according to the regulations in force on food production.
Haripro is constantly seeking new methods and strategies to further improve its products and guarantee effective solutions for all requirements. Every step in the Haripro protein process is closely controlled and monitored by trained and skilled staff, in order to guarantee top-level products to our customers, both in terms of quality and food safety.